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 ATTENTION: Aspiring Internet Marketers & Online Business Owners... 

Develop The Tools and Resources You Need To Build a Successful Online Business
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Join This GrooveAsia Challenge
  • What: GrooveAsia 5 Day Challenge

  • FREE 5 day challenge to help you get started with Groove. Join us LIVE to learn more about Internet marketing, online business and how to leverage Groove to build your own digital empire.

  • Where:

    Attend on your laptop or desktop computer for the full interactive experience

  • When: 

    Monday, July 10th to Friday, July 14th

    9AM GMT+8

  • Who: Meet your Trainers...

  • Nicholas McIntosh - The Tech Alchemist

  • Nicholas Mcintosh is the leading tech professional at GrooveAsia. With over 30 years of experience in online advertising and internet-based businesses, he offers extensive knowledge. In addition to his primary role, he instructs individuals on building web pages, utilizing social media for business, and understanding artificial intelligence. He makes a significant contribution by providing free training to the communities in which he is involved.

    Register Now To Secure Your Spot These 5 DAYS Are LIVE ONLY There WIll Be NO REPLAYS

    What You Will Learn To Dominate: 


    • DAY 1 - will cover the reasons why Groove Blog is your all round best option for creating new blogs and blog networks and how it can be utilised across multiple apps within the Groove Suite of tools.


    • DAY 3 - How to use the Skyscraper Technique to build a content strategy with the aid of some additional tools that will skyrocket your SEO strategy.


    • DAY 5 - During this session, we will explore what type of additional elements you should be thinking about to help build backlinks and gain some extra traction in search.


    • DAY 2 - will be all setting the scene for your blog by ensuring all the pieces are in place to get to a stage where we can make our first post. Setting our subdomain and looking at customizations.


    • DAY 4 - Will focus on how to add your post content including links, images and videos where viable to create High Quality content pieces that will effectively rank in the search engines.

    Is The GrooveAsia Challenge For You?

    The Groove Challenge is for action takers.

    We will spend approximately one hour a day providing value, training and insight on the challenge topic.

    There may even be special guest experts sharing their proven processes, real results and insider secrets.

    Ultimately, it will be up to you to take action on the implementation tasks.

    Do nothing, and nothing will happen.

    Attend only if you are committed to succeed and will stop nothing to achieve results.

    Join us live if you dare to take the GrooveAsia Challenge.

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