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Want To Become A Special VIP Member Of The GrooveAsia Platinum Lifetime Club?

  • Team affiliate promotions

  • Official Groove partner recognition

  • Private project meetings 

  • About The GrooveAsia Platinum Lifetime Club

  • WARNING: There Is A Hard Deadline For This Club Membership, And ONLY Qualified Applicants Will Be Considered

    GrooveAsia Platinum Lifetime Club requirements:

    • You MUST have a GrooveAsia Platinum lifetime account

    • You MUST have upgraded to Platinum BEFORE February 23, 2022

    • You MUST have submitted this application BEFORE March 1, 2022

    • You MUST be in good standing with your account and community membership

    • You MUST be an active member and team project contributor to remain in the club

  • Yes, we do have strict policies for members to join and remain in the club.

    This is because we are an exclusive membership that requires teamwork, as we will be launching team campaigns to help you generate more affiliate referrals, even potential long-term recurring passive commissions.

    In order to make this worthwhile, all members need to qualify for 40% tier 1 and 10% tier 2 commissions for future monthly subscription sales, which you can only earn as GrooveAsia Platinum lifetime members.

    While some campaigns may contain viral promotions that get you referrals automatically, club members will also participate in team projects for additional promotions.

    That means members will need to be ACTIVE in order to remain in the club, as it would be unfair to those who are putting in the work to benefit those who may not be contributing.

    Assessment will be made in an ongoing basis, and important decisions will be made as a team.

    Please note that this GrooveAsia Platinum Lifetime Club is not a promise of membership approval, affiliate commissions or any kind of guaranteed results.

    Applications will be reviewed and approved in a case-by-case manner as they come in.

    After our hard deadlines stated above, and once our team projects start, no new applications will be accepted.