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    Please be aware that after the 30-day free trial, your account will beautomatically downgradedto ourFree Lite Plan. This will help you to understand the differences between the two plans.

    Start-up Plan vs. Free-Lite Plan:

    Here's a quick comparison of what each plan offers:

    Start-up Plan

    (30-Day Free Trial)

    • Unlimited Contacts - NO Only 500 contacts

    • Unlimited Custom domains -YES

    • Unlimited pages hosting -YES

    • Multiple payment gateways -YES

    • Unlimited import pages -YES

    • Can page share funnels -YES

    • Lower 5% Store Free -YES

    • Access to unlimited page templates -YES

    • Access to unlimited email templates -YES

    • Professional Drag-N-Drop Email Builder -YES

    • Unlimited Videos -YES

    • Unlimited products and ecommerce stores -YES

    • Unlimited Membership sites -YES

    • Unlimited Professional marketing videos -YES

    • Unlimited Blogs with Blogging platform -YES

    • 3rd Party Email Providers -YES

    • Custom Embeds -YES

    • Integrations -YES

    • Can import leads -YES

    • Can export data -YES

    • Can Remove Site Branding with Banner -NO

    Free-Lite Plan

    (After 30 Days):

    • Unlimited Contacts -NO Only 500 contacts

    • Unlimited Custom Domains - NO Only 1 Custom Domain

    • Unlimited pages hosting -NO Just 25 Pages

    • Multiple payment gateways -NO

    • Unlimited import pages -NO

    • Can page share funnels -NO

    • Lower 5% Store Free- NO, Highest Store Fee: 10%

    • Access to the Professional Templates Library- NO

    • Access to the Professional Email Templates Library- NO

    • Professional Drag-N-Drop Email Builder- NO

    • Unlimited Videos- NO Just 5 Video uploads

    • Unlimited products and ecommerce stores- NO

    • Unlimited Membership sites- NO

    • Unlimited Professional marketing videos- NO

    • Unlimited Blogs with Blogging platform- NO

    • 3rd Party Email Providers- NO

    • Custom Embeds- NO

    • Integrations- NO

    • Can import leads- NO

    • Can export data - NO

    • Can Remove Site Branding with Banner -NO


    Step 3

    We want to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your business. 

    To speak frankly—The Free-Lite Plan is a sandbox.It’snotfor professionals. The plain truth is It is designed to allow users to explore the capabilities of the app, but most marketers do outgrow it quickly and will need our very affordable plans that start at around $39.95 a month.

    Remember, you have the option to explore our other plans and choose the one that best suits your needs, or you can continue using for free with the Free-Lite Plan.

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