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What is is the world's number one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for Internet entrepreneurs, online marketers and business owners.

It is a complete system that includes the flagship product, which is a full-blown website, landing page and sales funnel builder, all made possible with drag-and-drop technology, which means you don't need to have any programming, coding or design skills whatsoever.

In addition, this all-in-one product also includes many more apps, such as a sales system, affiliate software, email autoresponder, blogging platform, membership site creator, video marketing tool, ecommerce store builder, and many more applications for live webinars, automated webinars, live streaming, customer helpdesk, calendar scheduling, customer surveys, automated chats, social proof and more.

PLUS: There's a built-in business opportunity involved, as all members also qualified as instant affiliates, which means that you can start earning commissions right away without needing to sell anything upfront.

The best part? You can get started for FREE.

Get 100% free lifetime access to the entire software, affiliate opportunity and even training right now at

How can I sign up for a account?

Sign up for your free lifetime GrooveAsia account and get instant access to the software, affiliate opportunity and online training at

What is the difference between and and are both providers of the Groove products and services that run on the exact same software platform.

However, while is based in the U.S., is its own entity, with HQ based in Malaysia, along with plans to expand offices into additional Asian regions.

For, the long-term plan is to provide higher levels of service to new and existing customers in Asian countries, languages and cultures.

With team and community members focused on providing value to the Asian market, we will also be able to better serve fellow Groovesters with a preference towards the Asia Pacific and similar timezones.

Can I promote products as an affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is a big part of the GrooveAsia culture, so the answer is: YES, you absolutely can. :)

Not only that, but the good news is, whether you are a "member" of or (in other words, regardless of where you signed up for your Groove account), you are already an approved affiliate.

This means that you can promote right away.

NOTE: For the purpose of commissions you must be aware of the following.

1) Promoting via a upgraded account will only net you a 20% commission for all sales.

2) Promoting via a upgraded account will only net you a 20% commission for all sales.

3) Promoting via a Upgraded account will net you a 40% commission for all sales.

4) Promoting via a Upgraded account will net you a 40% commission for all sales.

Learn all about the affiliate program and find your affiliate links at

Are there bonuses for signing up or promoting

Anyone who signs up with will receive exclusive bonuses not available anywhere else.

This means that if you want to provide more incentives for yourself as well as your referrals, you would want to make sure to get your account at

Even for signing up for free, you will receive complimentary digital marketing, group mentorship, personal consultation, sales closing services and partnership opportunities on top of everything else as a regular Groove member.

Platinum members will also receive additional upgrade bonuses, including recordings to the exclusive, one-time only GrooveAsia Launch Event - all 36 hours of it.

Plus: There will be more exclusives found within the GrooveAsia communities that will not be available elsewhere, with more bonuses to be announced as time goes on.

To take advantage of all these benefits, make sure to sign up for your GrooveAsia account, and promote Groove with your GrooveAsia affiliate links.

Do I need a new affiliate account to promote affiliates can promote products, and vice versa.

This means that you do not need to sign up for a new account to promote either one, since, as mentioned before, both are on the same platform and utilizing the exact same technology.

Should you or your referrals want any exclusive access to GrooveAsia-only bonuses, you may want to consider signing up and promoting the affiliate links.

However, if you already have an account with either platform, signing up for a second one is not necessary.

NOTE: For the purpose of commissions you must be aware of the following.

1) Promoting via a upgraded account will only net you a 20% commission for all sales.

2) Promoting via a upgraded account will only net you a 20% commission for all sales.

3) Promoting via a Upgraded account will net you a 40% commission for all sales.

4) Promoting via a Upgraded account will net you a 40% commission for all sales.

To find your affiliate links to promote, go to

How much can I earn as a affiliate?

Commission rates may differ depending on the product you are promoting and your membership level.

For example, for the main GrooveFunnels Software Product, there are a few commission rates available.

NOTE: The following commissions examples are based on you having a GrooveAsia.CM Account and NOT a Account.

  1. Free members earn 20% commissions
  2. Platinum members earn 40% commissions
  3. Platinum members earn an additional 10% on tier 2

In addition, alternate commission opportunities are available for those who are able to transition existing free members into paid platinum members.

Plus - launches and mini-launches may happen several times a year, where cash and prizes may be given out as bonuses for top performers during a JV affiliate contest.

More information will be available when these launches take place.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the GrooveAsia Affiliate Program at

Where can I find my affiliate links?

You can find your affiliate links for all GrooveAsia products, services, events and promotions at

Activate your Promotion Tools widget if necessary by following the instructions on that page.

If you do not see the affiliate links, it does not mean that you don't have access, but most likely because you are on the wrong page.

Double check that you are on the right page and try again.

Will I get commissions if I sign up under my own affiliate link?

Signing up under your own affiliate link with the intention to earn commissions from yourself is a violation of Groove's terms and services.

In fact, there are more affiliate policies that you should be aware of, all of which are stated on our GrooveAsia Partner Program page at

You are recommended to read and understand all content shared on this page to ensure good standing, as well as to maximize your results with our program.

What is the Launch Event all about?

The Launch Event was a 2-day, 36-hour straight live virtual summit scheduled on June 12th - 13th, 2021, to commemorate the official launch of

This exclusive launch event features the leaders of, along with fellow partners, team members and JV partners of Groove.

In addition, a handful of the top Internet marketing experts in the world were featured throughout 36 hours, including celebrity guest William "She Bangs" Hung of American Idol fame, plus countless other veterans in the industry.

Find out more about the Launch Event at

You can also promote the event for potential future affiliate commissions at

Who are the leaders of

GrooveAsia's main partner is Simon Leung, who is also the Asia company's co-founder and appointed CEO.

The entity of is in partnership with of Groove Digital Inc., the U.S. Headquarters based in Florida, with partners Mike Filsaime, John Cornetta, Matt Serralta, Donna Fox, Joe Jablonski and Anuroop Pillalamarri.

Do I need to create a new account under

Because and are both using the same software platform, it is not necessary to create a second account under

This means that if you already have a Groove account, the same system will be used when you sign up or log in at

With that said, the aforementioned levels of support, video training and live sessions that are timezone-specific may only be available in the GrooveAsia pages, channels and groups.

NOTE: For the purpose of commissions you must be aware of the following.

1) Promoting via a upgraded account will only net you a 20% commission for all sales.

2) Promoting via a upgraded account will only net you a 20% commission for all sales.

3) Promoting via a Upgraded account will net you a 40% commission for all sales.

4) Promoting via a Upgraded account will net you a 40% commission for all sales.

For this reason, you may want to also join the additional GrooveAsia social communities to maximize the benefit of your membership.

Does it matter if I am a free or platinum account holder?

If you are a or platinum member, then congratulations, as you have made an awesome decision.

However, your membership status is neither a prerequisite nor relevant factor in determining how you would like to participate in GrooveAsia.

Both free and platinum members are invited to join our communities, become our affiliates, and be involved in any of our launches and events.

Simply follow the same instructions provided in the live, video and written training, as all members will follow the exact same procedures to take part in everything that we do.

All Groove members are encouraged to participate, so it is unnecessary to distinguish yourself as a free or platinum member, or how long you have been a member.

How do I join the new communities?

Several new social media communities have been created for GrooveAsia members, but not all of them are currently active.

In fact, all of them are just getting started, so one of the biggest roles you can play to help build our community is to share our social media pages, channels and groups with your own network, along with joining them yourself.

You can find a list of all our current social media properties on the footer at the bottom of the page at, as well as on our social media invitation page at

While you don't need to connect with us on all the platforms, the most recommended ones for you to access right now is our YouTube channel, Facebook group, Facebook page, Instagram profile and Twitter account.

What is the best way to help right now?

Because is new and still growing, you can help support the community by inviting your friends, network and anyone who may be interested in learning about digital marketing to join us in our private Facebook group, like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

You can also find more social properties at

Does only benefit those who are based in Asia?

You do not need to be based in Asia to be a part of

Groove has always been a global community, and it always will be.

It's not about where you are based, but rather that of your own leads, customers and eventual team members.

If you or your members prefer webinars and training in alternate timezones other than the current events mostly based on the convenience of Groove company founders based in the U.S., GrooveAsia provides another timezone option for you.

Can those who don't speak Asian languages participate in

Whether Asian languages or any other dialects, it doesn't matter what you speak or don't speak.

We have multi-lingual partners on the team, as well as fellow community members who only understand English, all playing big roles to build and support

Even though there is an obvious demand for Groovesters with specific language skills to be involved, there are also plenty of other ways to contribute together as a team, the majority of whom are English-only speakers.

In addition, keep in mind that just like how it doesn't matter where you are based, the same concept applies for languages, as it's all about the demographics of our target customers, which in most cases, do not share the same as our own.

Think of as yet another way to grow your own business into the Asian market.

Why do we need to create a whole new community for

To clarify, the inception of does not take away, but rather adds to the overall Groove experience, as it allows us to provide expansion opportunities while building out platforms, communities and training in a variety of different languages, allowing us to target more countries that are currently inaccessible due to cultural and communication differences.

Moreover, the additional support for Groovesters who may find the convenience in a different set of timezones can provide added value to our existing community.

Am I required to be involved with the expansion?

The new platform and community is designed for those who see the value of the expansion, and those who feel the excitement and see the opportunity are encouraged to be involved.

For those who don't feel strongly about it and choose not to be involved, there is obviously no obligation to do so, and the existing benefits of is more than adequate enough to provide unlimited potential to anyone willing to make the commitment.

With, does that mean Groove is only expanding in Asia? is actually not Groove's first - or even only - global, regional expansion.

GrooveBrazil has been around ever since mid-2020, and is its own operation with huge success within that country and in the Portuguese language.

While it is already mentioned that does not limit expansion only to Asian countries and language speakers, it is obviously true in the name itself that GrooveAsia may be limited to certain geographical growth.

That's why it is important to note that GrooveBrazil and GrooveAsia are only the beginning stages of the Groove expansion plans.

Because of the tremendous amount of work and limited resources we currently have in the International department, all existing bandwidth is being allocated towards the buildout of the approved countries.

With that said, this is where your opportunity comes in :)

By participating in GrooveAsia and being more involved in this new community, we may be looking for leaders to "grow from within" and play a leading role towards the expansion of even more countries in the future.

So if you're looking for the next once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take on a bigger stake in Groove's future development, and potentially even partner with Groove in the same way as those who have stepped up to lead the initiatives for GrooveBrazil and GrooveAsia, then now is your chance to put your best foot forward and work with us to build out this new community.

How can I contribute to this venture as part of the Community Team?

The best way to figure how to contribute is to ask yourself how you want to contribute. :)

Many Groovesters are very excited about GrooveAsia, so you can imagine that this is probably one of the most common questions that we have received.

With that said, because everyone is different with separate sets of skills, passion and interest, it would be a challenge for us to decide who is the most suitable for what roles.

As a brand-new International community, you can imagine that we would need team members with relevant language skills, as well as those who might be able to contribute towards promotions, marketing, social media campaigns, team management, event organization, blog writing, video creation, live streaming, just to name a few.

Because of the variety of needs that we may have, we also wouldn't know where to begin in terms of asking an individual for help, as most likely, only you can answer that question.

For this reason, a better process would be for you to reach out to us and let us know how you would want to contribute, so that we don't scare you away by asking you do to something you don't want to do, such as give a livestream presentation in Chinese, translate a video in Vietnamese or write a blog post in Thai. ;)

We are open to hearing your ideas, so please reach out to us and let's explore ways to work together.

You can share your interest with us at

Does have job, career or paid opportunities?

While we are currently in the beginning stages of setting up this new venture, the aforementioned Community Team will mostly consist of volunteers.

This means that while we are not offering paid positions at this time, we may plan to do so in the future as soon as we identify leaders who want to grow from within.

Moreover, Groove community members have pointed out that there is, in fact, far more potential for profitability to volunteer and monetize through the JV partner program, as opposed to taking on a corporate position.

JV partners and affiliates will also find more freedom leveraging on Groove as an active team member, while being able to enjoy their new lifestyle as an Internet entrepreneur, online marketer and business owner.

To be considered as a Community Team member, and potentially work with us while monetizing as a JV partner, please submit your application at

Can I travel or relocate to be more involved in

Fellow community team members will mostly be based globally around the world, so neither traveling nor relocation would be necessary to be a contributor.

While you obviously have the freedom to choose if you would like to hop on a plane or even move to a new country, that is your own personal decision to make, a choice that is independent from your commitment to

This means that does not endorse, support, encourage, suggest, recommend, advise, inspire, motivate, hint, or provide any resources to any community team members should they choose to make their own personal choice to travel. also does not hold liable, take responsibility or legally answer to any positive, negative or neutral outcomes as a result of any personal decisions towards one's individual choices.

On the contrary, the basic expectations are that all community team members will be working with us through their existing resources, means and equipment, with no additional expectations of lifestyle changes necessary or required to execute said roles.

Please only apply to work with as a community member if you understand and agree to these provisions.

What other products and services are available with

While it's true that provides you with everything that you will get with, there will also be some additional perks with your membership.


For instance, in addition to the main Groove software platform that all members will have access to, also plans to have its own unique offerings.

You should already know about the additional communities and training sessions, but on top of that, we will also have more ways for you to be involved.

An example of this would be the GrooveAsia Launch Event, an special virtual summit that took place in June 2021, that is exclusively organized for members of

There are also additional GrooveAsia-exclusive bonuses, such as free digital marketing training, group mentorship, personal consultation, sales closing services and more.

As time goes on, there will be more similar bonuses and live events, both virtual as well as in-person, plus many more webinars, live sessions and support systems that are separate from the main platform.

Again - Not to say that one is better than the other, just that we know different people have different preferences as well as different ways of doing things, so we want to be respectful of personal and cultural differences by providing more options for our community.

I'm IN! How can I join

Sign up for your free lifetime GrooveAsia account now at

Learn all about the Affiliate Program, get your affiliate links and find your promotional tools at

Get instant access to the community, partnership network and online training at

That’s perfect. We have multiple paths to choose from that will help you pick what’s best for you and then paths to grow your business. Win-win.

You can expect a couple of hours of training each weekday. Then the time it takes to implement and execute is up to you.

Yes! You will learn a lot of proven marketing tactics that can be applied to any business.

Of course, you’ll have the best experience attending live sessions, but we get it… things happen. Training sessions will be available to watch any time in the Facebook group.

Nope. With your payment of only $497, you have access to the private group, training, office hours, and the Groove magazine 12-month subscription.

Everything we cover in the 2021 Fast Start Marketing Lab can be done using GrooveFunnels™ and social media platforms - all free.

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