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These Are The Sessions That Will Double Your Profits Making 2021... "2020 proof"

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Yes! I Want to Double My Profits in 2021

2021 Fast Start Marketing Lab

Get It Done In 2021

How would having a multi-million dollar marketing team on your side impact your business?

Would you finally feel confident enough to start promoting and selling?

Start shouting from the rooftops for everyone, and anyone, to hear?

Or even better…

What about if you were taught the step-by-step methods for growing (and even starting!) your own business, whichever stage you’re in?

How to eliminate the confusion, overwhelm, or not knowing what to do next because it feels like there are a million things to do. But it’s just you.

Steps that can be replicated in this business… a new business… or any business.

(If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that multiple streams of income add a bit more security to the future)

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

If you’re nodding your head in excitement, then let’s get it done in 2021.

And by “it” we mean...

Finally, launch that business you've only been dreaming of – even if you aren't quite sure what that is yet.

Or create that landing page that you've been stuck on.

Or have the confidence to get on camera and get more sales with webinars and live-streaming.

So, Are you Ready to Get “it” Done in 2021?

Just imagine, finally seeing it all come together…

...and the sales come in.

But how? You may be wondering...

Well, my friend, I’d like to introduce you to the 2021 Fast Start Marketing Lab, where you'll gain all the confidence and knowledge you need to finally Get It Done in 2021.

  • What:

  • Over 40 Classes of Training From The Groove Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Team

  • When:

  • 1- 2 Sessions every weekday during the month of January and early February

  • Where:

  • Livestreaming to a Private Facebook Group.

    Replays will be posted in a member's area. 

  • For:

  • Anyone ready to launch or grow their business

    Get it Done in 2021

    You’ll start 2021 with six weeks of daily training from the Groove multi-million dollar marketing team...

    You'll learn:

  • Landing page strategies and conversion

  • Post lead conversion strategies – making the sale

  • Upsells, downsells, bumps, and a new hybrid method

  • How to maximize webinars and live-streaming

  • How to use video for profit

  • Facebook ad and list building strategies

  • All things ecommerce

  • Video SEO strategies

  • How to build an army of affiliates

  • Office Hours (get your questions answered)

  • And so much more!!

  • You’ll simply come to the lab (or in this case, private Facebook group) with a pen, paper, and “get it done” attitude.

    And instead of waiting to grow your business to the point that you can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars every year for a team of expert marketers…

    You can join the 2021 Fast Start Marketing Lab right now!!

    Yes, that’s more than 40 sessions of training with the best of the best. 

    That’s less than the average cost of a smartphone these days.

    But instead of getting something that ends up costing you more time and money (much like that fancy phone...), this training is priceless.

    The 2021 Fast Start Marketing Lab will give you…

    … the confidence you need to start.

    … the knowledge, tips, and tricks you need to generate and close leads.

    … the million-dollar idea that you can get started on… today!

    Training from the Groove Multi-million Dollar Marketing Team

    Funnel and Conversion Training with Mike Filsaime

    (the Michael Jordan of Internet Marketing)

  • Types of Funnels: Mike will go over the types of funnels known in marketing. When to use them, why to use them, how to use them, and the price points that work best. There are things you need to do within certain types of funnels and things you don't do. Mike will cover all that for funnels like tripwire, lead generation, butterfly marketing, product funnels, and more.

  • Landing/Sales Page Strategy & Conversions: In this industry, when people need an offer to convert, or it’s failing, they call Mike. This training session is a deep dive into landing and sales page strategies and conversions. It will include what actually goes into a headline, the sub-headline, and how they work together. Where do countdown timers go, when should they go in? Do you say “tonight at midnight” or “midnight tonight?” Colors, fonts, when to use bullets, and so much more.

  • How to Maximize Livestreaming: Mike will cover everything there is to know about livestreaming, how to get people, and how to make it go viral.

  • Upsell/Downsells, CrossSells, Bumps, and Hybrids: Mike literally wrote the book (Launch Tree) on funnels, upsells, and funnel optimization. These strategies are still being used today, and Mike will go over all of it in detail with you. What is an upsell compared to a downsell? Upsell compared to a bump? When do you use a bump? Price points, most effective copy? Should you have a video? If so, how long should it be? What goes on the top of the page? Delay buttons? You’ll get these answers and more.

  • Viral Marketing - Butterfly Marketing Mini-Course: It’s a complex strategy but very rewarding and Groove is the only software in the world that can do it. Mike will detail all the small changes that can be implemented into your online business that develop into large changes. 

  • How to Maximize Webinars: Mike will show you how to get the most people to register, show up, and stay around. Plus, how to maximize sales. He’ll also go over the echo with you. What happens after the webinar? And how we triple the number of sales in our webinar replays compared to live.

  • Mike literally wrote the book on funnels, upsells, and funnel optimization… back in 2009 already. And was the 2nd marketer in history to do a $1 Million Launch in 2006 and has done more Million Dollar launches for more brands than any marketer in history.

    Just wait until you see what he has in store for you.

    Master and Boost Ecommerce Sales

    Training From the Legends

    John Cornetta

  • Ecommerce: John is a genius when it comes to selling physical products. His stores did 350k per month! And sometimes up to 50k per day. He’ll go over the ninja tricks to making money in ecommerce.

  • List Building: Your money is in your relationship with the list. John Cornetta will teach you how to grow and maintain it the right way.

  • Facebook Ads: John will show you the basics of getting up and running with Facebook Ads.

  • John's ecommerce stores do 6-figures per month. He’s an ecommerce and traffic generation expert.

    Matt Serralta

  • How to Build a Powerful Landing and Product Page to Increase Your Conversions: With Matt, you’ll discover how to create landing and product pages that convert.

  • How to Increase Your Average Cart Value: Increasing your average cart value is an excellent way to boost your revenue and sometimes is more cost-effective than buying more traffic.

  • How to Build a Powerful Checkout Experience to Increase Conversions and Average Order Value: Checkout conversions are the most critical metric when it comes to your store and revenue. Matt will show you how to build a powerful checkout experience to increase your conversions AND average order value.

  • How to Recover Shopping Cart Abandon Sales: Matt is a master when it comes to recovering shopping cart abandons. He doesn't let anyone walk out the door without giving them every single chance to buy your product. And he’ll show you how to do the same for both GrooveKart™ and GrooveSell™...

  • Matt Serralta

    Matt has more than 10 years of senior and executive-level management experience in executive operations, sales, P&L, and the field of ecommerce.

    Frank Salinas

  • How to Mine for Commerce Niches and Products: Frank will show you how to mine for niches and products in ecommerce. The entire world of what's available.

  • How to Find Affiliate Products to Promote: Frank will show you all the ways you can find products...outside of the Groove marketplace. Then he’ll show you how to market them easily and successfully.

  • Getting Traffic from Instagram: Frank will show you how to get more traffic with Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today, with 1 billion people using it every month.

  • Not only does Frank have over 13 years of experience in affiliate and internet marketing, but he's made over 50,000 ecommerce sales and generated over $1M in sales with previous ecommerce stores.

    Damien Bradshaw

  • Creating High-Converting Ecommerce Pages: Damien will teach you the best practices for using GrooveKart™ so your traffic feels safe, secure, and ready to buy. 

  • Damien Bradshaw

    Damien is a Digital Brand Developer with tons of experience in ecommerce branding and a love for all things digital.

    Jhon Garcia

  • Selling Digital Products (PLR and EBOOKS): This is the fastest way to get up and running with your own product to sell online—the world of PLR...private label rights and ebooks. People have already created content for you, and all you have to do is license the content, put your name on it, and make some edits.

  • Ideation and Branding Your Ecommerce Store: Jhon will go over how to take your idea and niche and turn it into branding for your store.

  • Fast Track Start Single-Product Store A-Z: Jhon will show you how to get your store up and running with GrooveKart™ 

  • The Long Lost Art of Customer Service and Experience: It's one thing to create a product and make sales... but it's an entirely different thing to create happy customers. Jhon will share with you how.

  • For the past 17 years, Jhon has been working in the areas of web development, ecommerce, online marketing, and branding while dedicating part of his professional expertise to work with small and mid-size businesses to create new products, experiences and amazing support for their brands.

    Yes! I Want to Double My Profits in 2021

    How to Start and Where to Begin

    Donna Fox

  • Affiliate Marketing Webinar Model: This is an in-depth training session on using webinars as an affiliate marketer with Donna Fox. Including the strategies we’ve used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per year doing Friday webinars.

  • EZ InfoProduct Creation: Donna will show you how to get your thoughts into a product you can sell fast, easily, and cheaply.

  • Team Building and Outsourcing: Donna’s superpower is running a marketing team, and she will teach you how to find, outsource, build, and manage a team. Everything including processes, systems, and philosophy.

  • Donna Fox

    Donna has 18 years of experience building world-class marketing teams that create a culture of customer service while expanding brand awareness and revenue.

    David Congreave

  • How to Build a 6-Figure Freelancer Business: If you're a writer, artist, graphic designer, or building groove templates...David will teach how to turn that into a successful freelance business. For many of you, this is your fastest and easiest path to financial freedom.

  • David is a sought-after copywriter and ghostwriter, helping his clients sell everything from best-selling books to recruitment software to investment training courses. He’s worked full-time as a freelancer for over a decade, the last few years of which have seen him ascend into the six-figure bracket.

    Simon Leung

  • Million-Dollar Business You Can Start Today: This session is designed to open up your eyes to possibilities you may not have known existed and help you find a path to start your business. Simon will go over ALL the different kinds of businesses you can build with Groove.

  • Top Ways to Promote Anything as a Beginner Affiliate: Discover the top ways to promote ANYTHING as a new affiliate with Simon.

  • Fully Optimize On-Page SEO to Maximize Google Search: Simon will go over all the things you can do on GroovePages™ to get free traffic by improving your SEO.

  • Video SEO Strategies for Top Google and YouTube: Simon will show you how to get the top ranking in Google and YouTube using video. It's so much easier than you think.

  • Simon Leung

    Ever since focusing on Internet entrepreneurship full-time in 2006, after attaining a university degree and working in a corporate environment at Google Headquarters in the Silicon Valley for 4.5 years, Simon Leung brings to the table much-needed valuable contributions to any company professionals or aspiring business owner, as well as tremendous experience through his years of sharing his secrets to millions of people worldwide.

    Yes! I Want to Double My Profits in 2021

    Get Creative… and Stand Out

    Deborah Cole (@CoachDeb)

  • Social Media Marketing: Deb will go over the best practices to use, tools, tips, and strategies to make your social media marketing as easy as possible.

  • Video Marketing Profits: Deb will show you how to create and use video to make money. Including lighting, branding, what to do, not do, should you have a bumper, and more.

  • Personality Marketing: Deb is going to teach you how to use video to make your personality shine. How to be THE expert, establish authority, how to speak and deliver with authority and confidence. And the importance of sharing and finding your voice.

  • CoachDeb has been involved in more 7-figure launches, using LIVE Video Streaming, and is now teaching business owners this exact 7-Figure Video Formula to duplicate these results over and over again.

    David Mata

  • How to Use Sketch for Designing Websites and Funnels: You'll be proud of your website design after this session with David. He will show you how to use Sketch to design your website and funnels.

  • David Mata

    After deciding to give up on pursuing an unfulfilling IT degree, David found his passion and focus in developing his own online business. It didn't take him long to find success in affiliate marketing and selling his digital services after. Since then David has designed and built hundreds of funnels.

    LeAnn Reyes

  • Just Start...Writing: People will gravitate to you because of your voice. They WANT to hear your voice. That's why there is ALWAYS room for someone to come into the market. You bring a unique perspective that only you can do... and LeAnn is going to help you pull that perspective out just by writing. There is no way you can avoid writing as a business owner. It's an essential skill you'll use all the time.

  • The Copy You Need for Your First Funnel: Once you’ve learned all the different types of funnels with Mike… what copy do you need to bring it all together? LeAnn will go over all that and more with you in this training session.

  • LeAnn Reyes is a conversion copywriter that has helped past clients improve conversions, such as email opens by 80%, blog views by 73%, and customer conversions by 459%.

    After spending more than a decade working in digital marketing with tech companies, LeAnn's mission is to make Marketing Technology simple, operating with the tagline “MarTech Made Easy.”

    Debarshi Sarkar

  • Create Beautiful High-Converting Pages: This training on GroovePages™ along with Debarshi's best practices method is the only thing you need to successfully build beautiful pages on Groove.

  • Debarshi Sarkar

    Debarshi designs templates for Groove and has built more than 100 sites. He came up with the theory on accurate mobile optimization of Groove sites, adapted by the entire Groove user base.

    Yes! I Want to Double My Profits in 2021

    Build an Army of Affiliates

    Joe Jablonski

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Great Affiliate: Not only will Joe show you the do’s and don’ts of being a great affiliate, but also how to get the attention of the people you’re promoting.

  • How to Attract and Connect with JV/Affiliate Partners: Joe will show you how he built relationships with leading people in the industry and how you can too. He’ll go over how to find affiliates to promote your own product, establish relationships, and how to contact people. Plus, how to get them on the hook, what to say, what they want to know, and more.

  • Affiliate Relations 101 - Building an Affiliate Army: Joe will teach you how to manage AND motivate your affiliate army.

  • Joe has over a decade of experience in building business and affiliate relationships around the world.

    Yes! I Want to Double My Profits in 2021

    Bonus: Office Hours

    David Lemon

    You get live office hours with David Lemon. That’s 8 hours per week where you can go into a private Skype room with David for group coaching. You can talk, share screens, and get help. He’ll be there to help you implement what you're learning.

    David Lemon

    But What If You Need More?

    More Groove in your life

    Sure, you got it.

    When you buy the 2021 Fast Start Marketing Lab, you’ll also get the long-awaited Groove magazine – absolutely free for your first year’s subscription. (Then we’ll auto rebill $297 starting from year 2 of Groove magazine, and each year thereafter. You can easily cancel your subscription any time, of course.)

    As you well know, knowledge is power…

    And every issue of Groove magazine will leave you excited with energy and profitable ideas that will undoubtedly help you take your business to the next level.

    Your Groove magazine hardcopy subscription comes with a whole bunch (that’s a technical term for bazillions) of super exclusive goodies that the PDF version DOESN’T include…

    Free Copy of Issue Zero

    Before Issue One of Groove magazine was even a glint in GrooveZilla’s eye, there was Issue Zero. This slightly odd, but ultra-cool, promotional issue of the magazine introduces all the Groove pillars and partners, along with a mix of original articles, interviews, and more of that gorgeous hand-drawn artwork.

    It’s a bit like the pilot episode of Star Trek where everything looks mostly familiar but Shatner’s missing and Spock sounds a bit weird. Maybe not quite canon, but an essential piece of history for any discerning collector.

    Anyhoo… when you subscribe to Groove magazine, you’ll get Issue Zero, and it’s 36 fun-packed pages, bundled with your first monthly issue, ABSOLUTELY FREE.

    picture from a girl holding and reading a book

    Note to the discerning Groove affiliate: Issue Zero of Groove magazine is actually the perfect way to introduce the GrooveFunnels™ ecommerce platform to new prospects. It’s deliberately evergreen so we can take it to conventions and exhibitions to use as an attractive, high-quality giveaway.

    If you’re a Groove affiliate you should ABSOLUTELY be using Issue Zero of the magazine for the same purpose.

    When you go through the checkout process for your magazine subscription, you’ll be given the option of adding extra copies of Issue Zero to your order. Then, all you have to do is print out a nice insert or business card containing your Groove affiliate link, and slip it inside before you give it away to people at your next networking event, convention or family barbecue.

    We’ve even added templates for the inserts to the Groove affiliate page so you can quickly create and print out your own version.

    So, while you’re going through the checkout to complete your subscription, make sure you look out for the option to add extra copies of Issue Zero to your order.

    Yes! I Want to Double My Profits in 2021

    30-Days Advanced Delivery

    The PDF version of the magazine is released 30 days AFTER the print version is shipped. Which means for around FOUR ENTIRE WEEKS* you’ll have full access to the magazine before the rest of the Internet.

    Look, no one wants to be that person at the watercooler who’s like, oh no, I don’t get the thing everyone’s laughing at because I haven’t read the current issue of Groove yet and I haven’t seen the joke on page 22 about John Cornetta and the fruit salad.

    We don’t want that for you. You don’t want for you. So get the print version of the mag and read the joke about the fruit salad (note to editorial team - you need to come up with a joke about fruit salad).

    Exclusive Print-Only Features

    Every issue (excluding Issue Zero) will include at least two features that are not in the PDF version of the magazine.

    Which is to say, they’ll be in there, but they’ll be blurred out like they’re some kind of top secret, redacted content.

    We’re such teases. What can we say, sneaky marketing tactics are in our blood. Don’t judge us for who we are.

    picture from a guy with a hat

    Reusable Business Blueprints

    picture from a girl holding and reading a book

    We’ve taken some of our best business, marketing and GrooveFunnels-themed strategies, condensed them into step-by-step checklists, and turned them into laminated slices of genius.

    For example, imagine setting yourself the task of making your website mobile-friendly. Ugh! There’s a week of migraines you could do without.

    But if you have our “Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly” blueprint, you’ll have an easy, step-by-step guide to getting the job done in just a fraction of the time.

    And because it’s laminated, you can tick off the steps with a marker pen and then wipe it clean when you want to re-use it.


    If you spill chicken chow mein on it you haven’t ruined your awesome bonus!

    See, we got you covered.

    You’ll get a brand new, reusable laminated business blueprint with every issue of Groove Magazine.

    Exclusive Collector’s Cards

    picture from a guy with a hat

    The original art we’re creating for Groove Magazine is too epic to just fade away. 

    So every month we’re taking a handful of the best illustrations and turning them into ultra-collectible cards for you to enjoy.

    How collectible? Hard to say. But if a poster of Bob Dylan under an Apple logo can sell for $6k then anything’s possible.

    Yes! I Want to Double My Profits in 2021

    Easter Eggs And A Treasure Hunt (Maybe…)

    Our design team grew up reading magazines with cool give-aways and secret bonuses. Consequently, despite our best efforts to distract them with a salary, they couldn’t resist sneaking in a few hidden messages for eagle-eyed readers to find.

    Rumor has it, one of them is even a trail that leads to a cash prize.

    If it is true, it’ll probably be VERY hard to find and it definitely won’t be possible to track it down through the PDF version alone.

    picture from a girl holding and reading a book


    picture from a guy with a hat

    Think of this as time travel, that’s already happened. 

    It’s three months later. You’re feeling gutted that you missed out. And then…


    You’ve time-travelled back to today. You have the opportunity to put everything right and subscribe to Groove Magazine. 

    Hey, we’re no Sports Almanac, but Great Scott we’re pretty darned close.

    Yes! I Want to Double My Profits in 2021

    Why You Should Act Now

    You want to get it done in 2021, right?

    So what better way to start… than by starting? Deceptively simple, we know.

    And we’re making it even easier for you to kick off 2021, with a world-class offering from a multi-million dollar marketing team. The 2021 Fast Start Marketing Lab is the only training that you’ll ever need.

    Plus, you’ll get Groove magazine and all its desired goodness delivered straight to your mailbox every month.

    Get this very special bundle while you can!

    Yes! I Want to Double My Profits in 2021

    Get Yours Today!

    Everything You're Going To Get:

  • 20 Days of Training from the Groove Multi-million Dollar Marketing Team

  • 1-2 Training Sessions Every Weekday During the Month of January

  • Private Facebook Group Access for Training and Discussion

  • Access to Office Hours (get your questions answered)

  • 1 Year Subscription to Groove Magazine (auto rebills at $297/yr after 12 months)

  • A Copy of Issue Zero

  • Reusable Business Blueprints

  • Exclusive Collector's Cards

  • And of course, you…

    Get It Done in 2021

    graphic of our 30-day money back guarantee for GrooveFunnels™

    We guarantee you're going to gain all the knowledge, tools and confidence needed to start or grow your business from the training in the 2021 Fast Start Marketing Lab. And if you put the time in to implement and execute what you learn in the lab - then there's nothing that can stop you from achieving your goals. But if you find that it's not right for you just let us know within 30 days and we'll happily refund the payment and part as friends. Please note: If the magazine has already shipped then a $50 service charge will be deducted from your refund amount.


    You get access to more than 40 training sessions from a multi-million dollar marketing team that will help you launch, or grow your business, using a variety of proven marketing tactics. Plus, bonus hours to get answers to any remaining questions you may have.

    That’s perfect. We have multiple paths to choose from that will help you pick what’s best for you and then paths to grow your business. Win-win.

    You can expect a couple of hours of training each weekday. Then the time it takes to implement and execute is up to you.

    Yes! You will learn a lot of proven marketing tactics that can be applied to any business.

    Of course, you’ll have the best experience attending live sessions, but we get it… things happen. Training sessions will be available to watch any time in the Facebook group.

    Nope. With your payment of only $497, you have access to the private group, training, office hours, and the Groove magazine 12-month subscription.

    Everything we cover in the 2021 Fast Start Marketing Lab can be done using GrooveFunnels™ and social media platforms - all free.

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