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  • Who Should Book A Free Consultation?

  • WARNING: This free consultation may not be for everyone.

    At Groove, our goal is to help as many fellow Groovesters as we can.

    However, we also understand that not everyone necessarily wants to be helped, and there are certain kinds of assistance that this service is designed to provide.

    For example, we won't be able to help those who are looking to complain about something, require account related support, have overly-exaggerated expectations inconsistent with our objectives, requesting services outside the scope of what we offer, or simply someone to rant to.

    Please understand that this is a marketing and business consultation designed to help you in achieving your professional goals.

    All product, company and related support should be addressed directly to customer service.

    With that said, you are more than welcomed to book your free consultation if any of these criteria describe you:

  • You just joined Groove and have no clue how to get started

  • You are a beginner to digital marketing and need guidance

  • You need a mentor to show you how to build a profitable business

  • You want to know the first steps to promote as an affiliate marketer

  • You require guidance on how to learn to use the system

  • You would like to hire professional service providers

  • You hope someone can handle all the technical aspects for you

  • You know you should be focusing on growing your business

  • You understand some tasks are better outsourced to the experts

  • You simply wish to talk to someone to help get you up and running

  • You might be new to Groove. You might be a beginner in online marketing. You might not be very technical at all.

    Put simply, you have no clue how to get started.

    Or... Maybe you do, and you've already started, but you want to take your business to the next level.

    You need guidance. 

    Who are the honest vendors? Who performs quality work? Who can our valuable members trust?

    In order to answer these burning questions on the minds of every potential customer, the best solution is to create a GrooveAsia Services Partner Program, where only qualified partners will make our list of service providers exclusively endorsed by the company.

    ONLY official partners on this list are recommended by Groove, and fellow members would be advised not to work with anyone who may not be on the list.

    GrooveAsia will work together with our official partners to grow the business, while profit sharing along the way to ensure a win-win venture for all parties involved.

    This is done to protect both fellow community members who require assistance, as well as legitimate providers who execute high quality work.

    For said legitimate providers, you are encouraged to apply to become an official Groove Services Provider, as this is the only way to make our list of recommended vendors.

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