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The GrooveAsia Launch Event Is An Epic, History-Making, Record Breaking LIFE CHANGING 36-Hour LIVE Show

June 12th 10am - 13th 10pm (HK/SG/MY Time UTC+8)

June 11th 10pm - 13th 10am (EST)

The #GrooveAsiaLaunchEvent Is ALL About YOU!

On June 12th to 13th,™ will officially host our long-awaited GrooveAsia Launch Event.

Even though our team has put in a lot of time, effort and resources into this occasion, this launch event won’t be about us.

On the contrary, we are going to celebrate YOU - our fellow Groovesters - with an unprecedented 36-hour consecutive live stream, the first of its kind intended to provide you with tremendous value.


That’s right. The entire GrooveAsia Launch Event is created for YOU :)

Meet the GrooveTeam, network with fellow Groovesters, and ask all your burning questions on a live virtual event 100% FREE for you to attend.

This is your opportunity to learn how to maximize the full potential of your GrooveAsia membership, as well as the chance to learn from some of the absolute best experts, entrepreneurs and mentors in the industry.

Not only will fellow GrooveTeam members share their wealth of product knowledge on the best use of the platform, but influential speakers will also join us to coach you on how to leverage on GrooveAsia™ to grow your business and change your life.

PLUS: For a few lucky participants, our talented GrooveTeam will also be featuring you on the virtual stage… LIVE!

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime historic event destined to transform dreams into reality.

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Speaker Schedule

Scheduled Cards Are Estimated & Subject To Change

Interact! Engage! Participate!

Motivation & Instruction


SAT 10:00AM (UTC+8)/FRI 10:00PM (EST) Simon Leung
(Pre-Show Opening)

SAT 10:30AM (UTC+8)/FRI 10:30PM (EST) Mike Filsaime
(Keynote Address) 

SAT 11:00AM (UTC+8)/FRI 11:00PM (EST) Groove Founders
(Groove Founders Panel Featuring Mike Filsaime, John Cornetta, Matt Serralta, Donna Fox & Joe Jablonski)

SAT 12:00PM (UTC+8)/SAT 12:00AM (EST) Tuan Nguyen
(Motivational Chit Chat)

SAT 1:00PM (UTC+8)/SAT1:00AM (EST) Stuart Tan

(NLP Secrets)

SAT 2:00PM (UTC+8)/SAT 2:00AM (EST) Asher Aw

(Significance Strategy)

SAT 4:00PM (UTC+8)/SAT 4:00AM (EST) Fabian Lim

(The Underdog Method) 

SAT 6:00PM (UTC+8)/SAT 6:00AM (EST) David Lemon

(Live Build and Q&A) 

SAT 8:00PM (UTC+8)/SAT 8:00AM (EST) Jhon Garcia


SAT 9:00PM (UTC+8)/SAT 9:00AM (EST) Geoffrey Fullerton

(House Of Groove)

SAT 10:00PM (UTC+8)/SAT 10:00AM (EST) Travis Stephenson


SAT 11:00PM (UTC+8)/SAT 11:00AM (EST) William Hung

(Be You & Do Something NEW!)

SUN 12:00AM (UTC+8)/SAT 12:00PM (EST) Deborah Cole

(Win More Clients With Video Marketing That Converts!)

SUN 1:30AM (UTC+8)/SAT 1:30PM (EST) Alicia Lyttle

(6-Figure Agency With Outsourcing)

SUN 3:00AM (UTC+8)/SAT 3:00PM (EST) Rich Schefren

(How To 10x Groove Sales)

SUN 4:30AM (UTC+8)/SAT 4:30PM (EST) Jon Benson



SUN 6:00AM (UTC+8)/SAT 6:00PM EST Donna Fox

(Fast Start Marketing Lab)

SUN 7:30AM (UTC+8)/SAT 7:30PM EST Ricky Mataka


SUN 9:00AM (UTC+8)/SAT 9:00PM EST Henry Gold

(How To Send Millions Of Visitors To Any Website)

SUN 11:00AM (UTC+8)/SAT 11:00PM EST Groove Affiliates Panel

(Groove Affiliates Featuring June Low, Kathy Walls, Geoffrey Fullerton, Nicholas McIntosh, Robert Bowman & More)

SUN 12:00PM (UTC+8)/SUN 12:00AM EST Jerry Chen

(Search Engine Optimization)

SUN 2:00PM (UTC+8)/SUN 2:00AM EST Jaz Lai

(Brain Training)

SUN 4:00PM (UTC+8)/SUN 4:00AM EST Terence Tan

(Affiliate Marketing)

SUN 6:00PM (UTC+8)/SUN 6:00AM EST Damien Bradshaw

(Brand You To Be Irresistible)

SUN 7:00PM (UTC+8)/SUN 7:00AM EST Simon Leung

(YouTube Millionaire Secrets)

SUN 8:00PM (UTC+8)/SUN 8:00AM EST Mike Filsaime

(GrooveAsia Launch Event Final Words)

SUN 9:00PM (UTC+8)/SUN 9:00AM EST Groove Team Panel

(Groove Team Panel Featuring The Amazing Groove Team Members)

SUN 10:00PM (UTC+8)/SUN 10:00AM EST

(🎉Closing Time / That’s a Wrap 🎉)

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