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Upgrade to Lifetime Platinum
Upgrade to Lifetime Platinum

Urgent! This ONE TIME ONLY Offer is Guaranteed right now and the price you see on this page is the lowest you’ll ever see it.

Dear Friend,

    Thanks so much for making the switch to -- just like over 550,000 users have in the last 12 months. You made a very smart decision to build your digital marketing and ecommerce business on the Groove Platform.

I know your time is valuable, so I’ll make this quick.

Don't be one of those people too busy to take the time to save money doing business online and end up stuck.

It's VERY important that you read through this entire letter carefully.

Hi, I'm Mike Filsaime.

CEO and co-founder of, an online Sales and Automation Platform and CRM that replaces 17 other platforms. Those other platforms you have to duct-tape together and cost you over $2,453 per month -- or over $29,436 a year.

   That's why we created Groove. So that our members can pay one low monthly payment to run their entire online business with a single login.

   You see, in just a few short weeks we’re exiting our 2-year beta, changing our subscription model, and raising the cost to access our platform.

   That price is going up and will be locked in at $299 a month, each and every month to access our platinum level, which unlocks all 17 Groove Apps essential to run your online business.

   Even though our future members will pay $299 a month, today we’re offering you a LIFETIME OFFER DEAL so you can make a small  One-Time Payment today  and then never have to make another payment to us again, ever. Period.

   This is your chance to become a founding charter member who helps us build the platform. Kind of like a Kickstarter.

Let me explain.

In May of 2019, we decided to do a 2 and half year extended Kickstarter to accelerate the development of our platform from about 7 years down to about 2.5 years.

   And so far we've raised over $35 million with the offer that you are seeing today.

This has allowed our company to create one application that does it all:


Website Builder

  • GroovePages

  • Wix/Squarespace $480/yr

    Funnel Builder

  • GrooveFunnels

  • ClickFunnels $3,558/yr

    Blog Platform

  • GrooveBlog

  • Wordpress $720/yr


  • GrooveKart

  • Shopify $1,200/yr

    Shopping Cart

  • GrooveSell

  • Samcart/Infusionsoft $2,388/yr

    Membership CMS

  • GrooveMember

  • Kajabi $1,908/yr

    Affiliate Program

  • GrooveAffiliate

  • TapAffiliate $1,788/yr

    Email Automation

  • GrooveMail

  • ActiveCampaign $7,188/yr

    Webinar Software

  • *GrooveWebinar

  • GoToWebinar/EverWebinar $4,080/yr

    Live Streaming

  • *GrooveStream

  • Streamyard $480/yr

    Conference Software

  • *GrooveConference

  • Zoom $240/yr

    Video Hosting

  • GrooveVideo

  • Vimeo $600/yr

    Help Desk

  • *GrooveDesk

  • Zendesk $1,188/yr

    Booking & Scheduling

  • *GrooveCalendar

  • Calendly $144/yr


  • *GrooveSurvey

  • ResponseSuite $828/yr

    Social Proof

  • GrooveProof

  • Provely $444/yr

    Funnel Management

  • *GrooveFunnelMapping

  • Funnelytics $948/yr

    Sales CRM

  • *GroovePipe

  • Pipedrive $1,188/yr


    One Time Payment




    Each Year You Save Over $27,439!

    Upgrade to Lifetime Platinum
    Upgrade to Lifetime Platinum

    * Coming Soon

    Whew. See what I mean? Do you really want to manage and pay for all of those different apps forever? is all-in-one, baby.

       With the help of our backers and charter members like you, we have done it. Our platform is just about ready, and we are exiting beta soon.

       Now pay close attention. This is really important.

    You see, we made an offer to reward our backers, that we are making to you right now.

    That is:

       Make a pledge, right now, to help us fund the platform, and you won't have to pay $299 a month each and every month. Which let's face it is still a crazy deal. But who wants to pay $299 a month, or $3600 a year for life?

       The “Ditch the Duct Tape” pledge: When you decide to stop duct taping together a dozen different software applications to make your business work, and can make a small payment today you will be rewarded with Lifetime Access to our highest level platinum account for life. For just one low payment and then never have to make another payment to us again, ever. Period.

      In just a moment, I’m going to explain the difference between your Free Groove account and your Lifetime Platinum Charter Member account by becoming a backer today.

       First, I must warn you. Not only is this offer ending soon and will never be made again. It's also going to be $299 a month.

       This is a  One-Time offer.  So please don't pass on this offer today, or you will pay $299 per month for life later.

    Why Such A Crazy Deal?

    We still want to give an opportunity to those that believe in us, the company, and our vision to get in on the ground floor and join us at beta users. It's a unique opportunity for the right person who like to help us find the ways we can make the software better for all. The benefit? You get full and complete access to for life-- with all of the updates and additional features we'll add... for a flat lifetime rate.

    Groove has developed the best all-in-one business platform on the market. Since inception, we've been running a lean company, putting all our focus and resources into development. We have over 50 of the best and well paid developers working on this massive project.

      Alright, I want to talk about the Platform, and then the difference between your Free account and The Platinum account you get Lifetime Access to today when you become a backer for a low One-Time payment.

    So let's get to it. Quick question about your future.

      Did you know?

      That 90% of new online businesses fail within the first 120 days? 90%  close their doors in just 4 Months… 

    That’s pretty scary, right? And really sad.

    So that led us to ask the obvious question.

    "Why" do these businesses fail so fast and so often?

    So, we dug into it more…

       And found that when surveyed: 37% of the failures said that they were unable to deliver effective online marketing.

       Another 32% of the failures said they just ran out of cash paying for services before they could get profitable. That's double tragic because that means they lost not only their dream and their time -- but also their money.

    What do you do with your life after that?

       So, how can YOU avoid becoming one of those frightening yet realistic numerical facts?

    Here's how... just Groove

       Now let’s go over the 17 Apps in Groove you need to make your online marketing easier, more affordable, and more effective, giving you the lightning edge over your competition.

       You’ll soon see how cuts costs and keeps them down, but also how Groove can help scale your business to heights you’ve only ever imagined — like it's already doing for tens of thousands of our users.

       And the best part about it? You’ll never have to sign up for any other online business software platform ever again.

       That’s right. You’re about to see something you’ve never seen before: a fully integrated software suite that’ll take your business from surviving... to thriving.

       Software that is a powerful all-in-one ecosystem around your online business so you can become part of the successful 10%.

       So let's run through the 17 Apps every marketer needs to run their online business.

  • When it comes to your online presence, you need a Brand Website, Funnels, Ecommerce site, and a Blog for Free traffic powered by SEO.

  • To sell your Ecommerce items like Print-on-Demand apparel, DropShipping, or even your own physical products you need an Ecommerce store solution.

    GrooveKart does this for you and replaces Shopify saving you $99 a month

  • Now you need the ability to sell and fulfill your digital products with sales flows and 1-click upsells.

  • GrooveSell and GrooveMember got you covered while replacing SamCart, Infusionsoft, and Kajabi. Another $400 a month is saved right there.

  • Hold on, you need affiliate management to grow and manage an army of affiliates. GrooveAffiliate has you covered while replacing Tap Affiliate and saving you another 100 bucks a month.

  • Of course, you need to be able to:

  • Collect leads

  • Send emails with smart automation

  • As well as send text messages and voice recording broadcasts…

  • ...all based on the behavior of your prospect or customer.

    Well, rest assured, GrooveMail is included and replaces Active Campaign, which can cost up to $599 a month or more!

    And of course, you want, and need, to do:

  • Live Webinars

  • Automated webinars

  • Live Streams

  • Zoom style Conferences

  • To sell your products and engage with your prospects and customers.

    Well, GrooveWebinar, GrooveStream, and GrooveConference will replace GotoWebinar, WebinarJam, EverWebinar, Streamyard, and Zoom, saving you over $200 a month.

    Look, we’re already at $1700 a month…

  • And we just don't have the time to tell you about how GrooveDesk, GrooveProof, GrooveCalendar, GrooveSurvey, and GroovePipe CRM all replace Zendesk or Help Scout, Social Proof Widgets, Calendly, Survey, and Quiz Software, and PipeDrive CRM saving you another $300 a month.

  • So those are the 17 Must-have apps you and everyone needs to run their online business.

       Now you see how saves you over $2453 a month. Let's not forget that you don't need to hire someone to duct-tape this all together to make it work.

       Groove is easier to use, more powerful, made to work together with one dashboard to log in, and more affordable is an understatement when you are getting Lifetime Access when you become a backer today.

       You already made the switch to and you have a Free account.

       Let's compare that with the  Lifetime Platinum Deal  we’re offering you today only.

    Let's start with GroovePages and GrooveFunnels.

       You get access to hundreds of premium brand website templates, designer blocks, high converting funnels and webinar templates, the ability to share templates and pages with others.

       Unlocking the full power of GroovePages and our state-of-the-art drag-and-drop builder allows you to build elegantly designed web pages quickly, customizing them to add pop-ups, progress bars, countdown timers, animations, and so much more.

       Not only that, unlocking the full power GrooveFunnels, you can now build your own high converting lead capture funnels so that you can make selling your products even easier, as well as collecting that all-important revenue with no restrictions -- and our members say we're better than ClickFunnels.

    So that's GroovePages and GrooveFunnels.

    Let's talk about  Unlocking the full power of GrooveSell. 

       GrooveSell Free allows you to sell your digital products with very few restrictions. We allow you to accept credit cards with GroovePay and PayPal. And also for free, you get listed in our Groove Affiliate Marketplace to help find you an Army of Affiliates.

       Now when you upgrade to Lifetime Platinum, we unlock all the payment gateways like Stripe,, BrainTree, NMI, and more. We also allow you more powerful affiliate payment options and lower withdrawal fees.

    So if you're an....

    • Influencer

    • Infopreneur

    • Passion Project Expert like a Coach, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Consultant...

    • “Fitness, Real Estate, or Investment Guru"

    • Online Internet Marketing Guru

    ...then GrooveSell is definitely for you.

       Even if you're selling software or SaaS, GrooveSell can help you manage your signups, usernames, passwords, and recurring billing all with ONE checkout form.

       If that's you, then you'll want to unlock the full potential of GrooveSell.

    You see the full power of GrooveSell has:

    • Sales Funnels with order bumps

    • Multi-Step Checkout

    • 1-Click Upsells and Downsells

    • Our exclusive Hybrid Order Bumps

       And our NEW exclusive ‘Add to Cart’ order bumps -- used by people like Frank Kern.

       Plus, you get powerful Affiliate Management to help bring in massive sales.

       More powerful features like reporting, coupons, partner contracts, and our exclusive tools like Promotion tool Widgets and Real Time leaderboard for contests… You just have to see it to believe it.

    So that's GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate.

       Now let's talk about GrooveKart. Remember, it replaces Shopify.

       You get one Free Store and we collect a 2% store fee on all your sales.

       When you become a Platinum Lifetime member by backing this project today, you get an Unlimited number of ecommerce stores for life and NO STORE FEE.

       Unlocking all this power is great if you're selling Print-on-Demand or DropShipping, or even if you sell your own physical products like your paintings or Artwork. I am sure you're familiar with Shopify. If so, get ready to cancel your account because our stores convert better and are easier to design and use. Plus, we have a store import feature. How exciting.

    And that's GrooveKart.

         With your free Groove account, you can also use the starter version of GrooveMember.

         The starter version is a lite version. It only allows you to build one online course membership with one access level to that course... Like Free or Paid but not both -- and you won't be able to set levels like Silver or Gold etc.

         This is a key component to any serious marketer. You really want to unlock the full access to GrooveMember so you get…

         ...unlimited Portals, Memberships, Courses, Chapters… ...with unlimited lessons, templates, progress bars for your users, drip content and so much more.

          The full power of GrooveMember is needed to empower the people you’re trying to serve.

         Remember the Free account access is for starters and hobbyists. If you're looking to get into that 10% that will not fail, but instead have cash-generating success, then make sure to upgrade to lifetime.

    And that’s GrooveMember.

    Ok, GrooveMail Free vs Paid.

    This is the biggest one of all.

       Free allows you to communicate with only your first 500 potential leads, new customers, affiliates, or die-hard fans. That's a combination of those, and can add up fast. There is a huge cost to send emails.

    Take a look at what you pay just to ActiveCampaign for 25,000 contacts.

    You pay them $599 a month for full account features. $7,200 per year, each and every year just to send emails.

       And when you upgrade today and become a backer and charter member with the Platinum Lifetime offer, we will give you a  25,000 daily  lead limits to email each month and every month for life. Free members only get 500.

       So you'll either pay the others $599 per month, or you'll pay us $299 later...

       ...or pay us, one time today, for Lifetime access.

       GrooveMail is an industry-leading email marketing CRM with the highest delivery rates.

       It is fully integrated with the rest of the Groove software, so there’s  no need to duct-tape anything together with your funnel or your website. 

    And that's GrooveMail and Automations.

       With your free account, you get 15 videos to add to GrooveVideo but you pay for bandwidth by connecting an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.

       When you upgrade today and become a backer and charter member with the Platinum Lifetime offer, we give you unlimited videos and virtually unlimited bandwidth and storage. Enough for any rockstar marketer.

       You see, Direct Response marketing has changed in the last 20 years. And at Groove, we don’t want you stuck in the past.

       Nowadays, you can use video to interact with your prospects like never before and GrooveVideo fully unlocked gives you the ability to create cutting-edge marketing videos that’ll modify and automate your prospect’s experience depending on their behavior.

    And that's GrooveVideo.

       But there's one more thing missing to get you off of that dreaded WordPress.  Finally,  a simple and easy-to-use blogging platform made for just blogging with great SEO.

       With your Free account, you get one Free Blog with GrooveBlog. Even though you get 3 custom domains, you only get one blog. So you have to choose which one has a blog and which 2 don't.

       Platinum Lifetime members get unlimited Blogs and designer templates. More blogs mean more free traffic.

    And that's GrooveBlog.

       So there you have it.

       You can do Brand Websites, Funnels, Ecommerce stores, and Blogging.

    All on your own domain.

       You can sell digital and Ecommerce products. Deliver gorgeous online courses. And Automate your marketing with our powerful email marketing CRM

     That is the Platform. 

       You decide if you want to go Free and pay $299 a month later when it's time to upgrade. Or if you want Lifetime Access for one low payment.

    And you know what else?

    That's only 8 of the 17 apps so far.

       We simply don't have the time to go over the other 9 Apps you get…

       GrooveDesk, GrooveProof, GrooveSurvey, GrooveCalendar, GroovePipe CRM, GrooveWebinars, GrooveStream, and Groove Conference, and GrooveFunnel Mapping.

       Just know there is a free version that is greatly unlocked when you upgrade to Lifetime Platinum today.

       How much would this cost with other providers?

       To have all of this you’d easily spend over $2453 per month. That's over $29,436 a year. That’s IF you can pay for 17 different annual subscriptions up front.

      How much would this cost with other providers?

      To have all of this  you’d easily spend over $2000 per month.  That's over $24,000 a year

    Hey, sidebar your honor.

       If you were to have a brick-and-mortar business like Subway, gosh you would pay over $2000 a month just in rent. So even at $2000 a month to run an online business is really cheap.

       With the other guys you'll have to pay $2453 or more per month. That's not bad.

       It can be way better though.

       What if you could pay that just one time? And never have to make another payment to anyone again. Ever. Period.

       We are proud that Groove will soon be only $299 a month for what the others are over $2453 a month. But today you don't even have to pay us in perpetuity.

        Today you get lifetime access for just a one-time payment of just $1997. 

       Or we can split that for you into just 2 easy payments of $999. One now and one in 30 days. We even have plans starting at just a few payments of $597 if you like. See the plans below.

    We are a one login dashboard -- a true all-in-one solution.

  • We are easier to use.

  • You won't need a consultant and "tech guy" to use our platform.

  • Our pages convert better.

  • Our pages have better load times and SEO.

  • Our email gets out faster with better deliverability.

  •    Simply put we are more powerful, more affordable, and easier to use, and just more fun.

       Groove's Lifetime Platinum offer will also help you on your way to success to becoming part of the 10% that make it.

       Don't be one of the 90% that fail. Don't get stuck losing money and paying for 17 other apps while you go broke getting your business off the ground.

    GrooveAsia's Lifetime Platinum account is your sure-fire way to success without going broke. In fact, our training will make you profitable in no time.

    Oh, and you know what else? Free members only get 20% commissions. Platinum members get double. Yes, we pay 40% commissions when you refer GrooveAsia to your members.

    They join for Free, and they see this offer, and we pay you. Plus, we pay you a 10% override on their referrals too on your second tier.

       Make just 3 sales and you get your money back with a little extra. Heck, you should upgrade just to get double commissions.

       So that's it. Pass on this offer and we’ll happily collect $299, each and every month. It's still better than paying the other guys over $2453 a month.

       Or,  do what over 50,000 people have already done  and take this lifetime special offer to get Platinum Account unlocked for life. See payment plans below.

       Make one payment today and then never make another payment to us again. Ever. Period. That's it.

       Upgrade to Platinum now. The offer you see on this page will never be made to you again.

       Click the upgrade button below and we will see you as a backer and charter lifetime member inside the platform.

    This is what others have to say about this offer:

       That's it. Upgrade to Platinum now. Remember, The offer you see on this page will never be made to you again. Don't pay us $299 a month later. Lock in lifetime access now for just one payment.

    Upgrading your GrooveAsia account today unlocks:

    • More templates and design blocks so you can build your own high converting lead capture funnels that make selling your products even easier.

    • All the payment gateways like Stripe,, BrainTree, NMI, and more.

    • More powerful affiliate payment options and lower fees for withdrawal. This is great for influencers, infopreneurs, online marketing gurus, and passion project experts (like coaches, consultants, and authors).

    • An Unlimited number of ecommerce stores for life and no store fee.

    • Unlimited memberships and courses with unlimited lessons, templates, progress bars for your users, drip content and so much more.

    • 25,000 daily leads to email each month and every month for life. Free members only get 500 contacts.

    • Unlimited videos and virtually unlimited bandwidth and storage - enough for any rockstar marketer.

    • Unlimited Blogs and designer templates - more blogs = more free traffic.

    • An incredible support team that is there when you need them.

    • And that’s just the beginning.

      Upgrade now to also get the supercharged version of:

    • GrooveDesk

    • GrooveProof

    • GrooveSurvey

    • GrooveCalendar

    • GroovePipe CRM

    • GrooveWebinars

    • GrooveStream

    • Groove Conference

    • GrooveFunnel Mapping

    You’ll meet hundreds of other online entrepreneurs just like you who are seeking the information and connections to build and grow their online businesses.

    What more could you ask for?

    Get Lifetime Access Today

    Instant Upgrade to Platinum Lifetime Access

    graphic of our 30-day money back guarantee for GrooveFunnels™

    We guarantee you're going to be impressed with this Groove.CM LIFETIME DEAL for the No.1 rated platform for digital and e-commerce marketers. You will never pay us again for Groove.CM access. If it's not right for you, let us know within 30 days and we'll happily refund that payment and part as friends.

    No Thanks! - I do not like Lifetime deals. I like paying for things forever. I realize that the only other option is to pay Groove $299 /mo. or pay $29,436 /yr. to other software companies and duct tape it all together. I understand when I pass on this option it will NEVER be made to me again. When I realize I love the service I will be totally happy to pay you $299 /mo. ($3600 /yr.)

    I Don't Like Lifetime Deals. I Like Paying Monthly Forever.

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