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    This is the private group where you will get access to the GrooveAsia® community, as well as interact with the founders, team and other "Groovesters" like you!

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    Step 2 - Polls To Vote & Comment

    Freedom Day: How should we celebrate this year?

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    GrooveAsia Mini-Grooveathon: Would you be interested in such an event, and how would you like to be involved? Submit your vote below and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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    GrooveTeam For Affiliate Commissions: Please let us know which of the roles currently being discussed is suitable for you, in terms of qualifications, experience and interest. Feel free to also elaborate more in the comments, along with your own ideas, if any.

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    Groove Business Models: Which business model(s) are you currently focused on building? Feel free to elaborate on your progress in the comments to let us know how we can help.

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    Groove Experts: Which Groove apps are you familiar with, not only using for your own business, but also comfortable in teaching others how to use?

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    Step 2 - Vote & Comment

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