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This is a limited time special offer that will expire soon. This plan option is only accessible while you are on this page. No guarantee on future availability.

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  • 500 contacts

  • 2,500 email sends per month

  • Unlimited Custom Domains: YES

  • Unlimited Pages: YES

  • Unlimited eCommerce stores: YES

  • Unlimited Blogs: YES

  • Unlimited Integrations: YES

  • Multiple gateways including GroovePay,Stripe, PayPal, and more...

  • Access to Website Template Library: YES

  • Professional Drag N Drop Email Builder: YES

  • Access to 250 Professionally Designed Email Templates: YES

  • 3rd Party Email Providers: YES

  • Store fees: 5%

  • 20% affiliate commission

  • 2-tier commission: No

  • Custom Embeds

  • Import leads: NO

  • Can export data: NO

  • Can share site URLS: NO

  • 25 videos

  • 3 automated webinars

  • 3 membership sites (all levels)

Includes everything in Free Lite


    Highlights include

  • Unlimited Custom Domains: YES 

  • Unlimited Pages: YES

  • Access to Website Template Library: YES

  • Professional Drag N Drop Email Builder: YES

  • Unlimited Blogs YES

  • 3rd Party Email Providers YES

  • Can import leads: YES

  • Can export data: YES

  • Unlimited Integrations: YES

  • 25 Videos

  • Can share site URLS: YES

  • Custom Embeds

Please Note. After your 12-month free trial, this plan will automatically downgrade to the Free Plan shown below.

 Special Offer Today Only 


Renews Annually 

Paid Annually at $479.88 /yr

Annual Cost



You MUST use the EXACT SAME email address you used to register your free account when upgrading.

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Downgraded After 12 Months


  • 500 contacts

  • 2,500 email sends per month

  • 1 Custom domain

  • 25 pages hosting

  • Unlimited ecommerce stores

  • 1 blog

  • NO integrations

  • Multiple gateways including GroovePay,
    Stripe, PayPal, and more...

  • NO access to templates library

  • NO Premium email builder

  • NO email marketing templates

  • Unlimited Groove subdomains

  • NO 3rd Party Email Providers

  • Store fees: 10%

  • 20% affiliate commission

  • NO 2-tier commission

  • Import leads: none

  • Unlimited products

  • Can't Exports Sites

  • No share funnels

  • 5 videos for hosting

  • NO automated webinar

  • 1 membership site

  • Can't Exports Leads and Data

  • 25 import pages

    Key Points To Know About Free Sandbox

  • Remove Site Branding with Banner NO

  • Access to Template Library NO

  • Basic Text Email Builder YES

  • Access to Pro Email Builder NO

  • Unlimited Custom Domains NO

  • 1 Custom Domain Yes

  • Store Fee Waived NO

  • Store Fee Waived 10%

  • 3rd Party Email Providers NO

  • Custom Embeds NO

  • Integrations NO

  • Can import leads: NO

  • Can export data: NO

  • Can share site URLS: NO

  • Access to 250 Professionally Designed Email Templates NO


I'm aware that I will never see this opportunity again to get my GrooveAsia Account upgraded for a ONE-TIME Offer of FREE for 12 months! I am happy to pay a monthly ongoing subscription every month when I upgrade in the future, which will cost me more to run my business. I also realize that I will not get all the benefits and UPGRADES FOR LIFE if I pass on this opportunity now.

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