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This site doesn't support Internet Explorer. Please use a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox or Edge. Template Access Agreement

The following processes need to be completed in full before you will be granted access to the Official GrooveAsia Templates for the purpose of translation.

This task requires a lot more than you just clicking and changing text

Please do not take on this task unless you have Mastered the Groove Pages Application as you will need to be sharply aware of what the fonts, colours, sizes, layouts, containers etc are so that you do not change them during the translation process.

The video below will explain how to signs the form and return it.

1) Download an install a free copy of Adobe Acrobat DC to complete this task.

2) Complete and sign the document.

3) Email your saved and completed document to us.

Upon confirmation of the signed agreement you will be sent the link to import the templates into your own GrooveAsia Account.

Once you have completed the translations you are to create a share link to send them back to us.